Studio 79 Wood Signs Review and Giveaway

By Amy

If there’s one thing I love (almost) as much as Disney, it’s Harry Potter. Ok, I’m a bit obsessed with Harry Potter. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found the most amazing Harry Potter, Disney mash up sign at Studio 79 on Etsy. The wooden sign says, “My Patronus is a Mouse”. If you’re not well versed in Harry Potter, here’s a definition of a Patronus.

The Patronus Charm is difficult, and many witches and wizards are unable to produce a full, corporeal Patronus, a guardian which generally takes the shape of the animal with whom they share the deepest affinity.

Witches and Wizards produce a Patronus in the shape of an animal that they connect with deeply. The animal created from the charm can protect the witch or wizard. So, this small sign with Mickey Mouse as a Patronus just knocked my socks off! Nate, the owner of Studio 79 hand makes all of the wood signs that feature Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars and other “geekery”.

My new Mickey Mouse Patronus sign is 10.5″ x 3.5″ and fits perfectly on the shelf that holds my (super cool) Harry Potter book collection. (I collect Harry Potter books from around …read more

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