Finley Turns 2

By Amanda I can’t believe it’s that time again…these birthdays seem to be coming so quickly! My dear sweet Fin how can you be 2 already? These last few years seem to have flown by. I feel like every year I say that I felt like I was pregnant with you just yesterday! Read her first birthday post You are growing into quite the kid I have to say. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect you to have such an exuberant personality. The first few weeks with you, you were so quiet and calm. I thought for certain you would be a laid back, quiet child. That couldn’t be further from the truth.You are outspoken, silly, determined, stubborn and just a ball of energy. You love to talk and sing…no matter where we go. You hate to ride in the stroller and are happiest when you are running around like a mad woman. You love your sister fiercely…and she drives you just as crazy. You try and do everything she does (much to her dismay sometimes).
You love to read although you hate to sit still so I very rarely can read TO you. …read more

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