How to Make a Half Day Park into a Full Day Park

By Tabitha

How do you make a half day park into a full day? Magic Kingdom has fireworks, parades, and Wishes that make guests want to stay until the park closes. Epcot has struggled with only Illuminations as an evening entertainment. People have things they must partake in then some lesser things to do if they have time. Without the night being packed with entertainment there is no need to stay and see the less popular things.

Animal Kingdom is going to become a full day park this Spring. They have added Harambe Market and expanded Harambe Village. Tiffins is a sit down restaurant going in behind Pizzafari. Tamu Tamu now does desserts and snacks. Zuri’s Sweets, Thirsty River Bar and Good Eats opened up between Africa and Asia but unfortunately are not allergen friendly. The special diets cart was moved while the old location became Smiling Crocodile. There was the addition of Isle of Java at the entrance to Dinoland. Starbucks took over a shop in Discovery Island. Riverside Outpost is a huge shop that has greatly improved the guest’s shopping experience. All these changes in shopping and dining are giving guests a reason to stay in the …read more

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