Coming Soon to Walt Disney World

By Tabitha

– by Laurie

Part 1 – Disney Springs

‪#‎AwakenSummer‬ was a “media event” for a few people of whom most are not Disney media. The rest of us had to wait for the WDW site to release the information I am sharing with you. I also have sources to add more information. One person not invited has been publishing Disney and other travel guides for 20 years, owns a major site and a much loved app, and is beloved by all who meet him. I am so sorry that I cannot share what was at the event.

This is not a refurbishment schedule but a lot of told you so, bragging on my part (Laurie). These openings will be mostly May and June but stretch into the next two years. We will start with Disney Springs. Town Center is the last area to open and stretches from Harley Davidson (Westside) to the Lego Store and World of Disney. From the lake, heading south are The Landing, Town Center, a parking garage and bus depot, and finally Buena Vista Boulevard. Access is from a bridge that leads to the lower level of STK. this path follows the creek around to the Pleasure Island path …read more

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