Dining with Allergies – Are There Safe Restaurants at Disney?

By Tabitha

Thank you Laura for compiling a list of your favorite places that your family has enjoyed eating at with no reactions! Food allergies are very serious for many people and I am so glad that Disney takes these seriously.

We have dined at many places with our girls who have severe food allergies to peanuts and sesame seeds. We also avoid tree nuts, fresh egg and fresh diary and we avoid all products labeled with may contain or processed in a shared facility, equip. etc. Below are listed all of the places we have taken them and we have successfully made it thus far with no reactions!

The food has been top notch and the chefs were amazing. We always avoid restaurants at home that have our major allergens present in the restaurant—so no Asian or Mexican places usually. At Disney, that all changes. I was hesitant at first but after interacting with the chefs at a few places I knew this was different than anywhere else. My fears were set aside and we have had amazing food and experiences with our girls because of it and the care they take to make sure we are safe.

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