Review: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ~ Mickey’s Sport-y-thon on DVD

By Terri Join everyone’s favorite Mickey Mouse and his friends on their adventures through a huge sporting event in Disney Junior’s hit series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Sport–y–thon on DVD May 24th! It includes 6 episodes for over 2 hours of classic Disney characters competing in an action packed sports tournament learning about teamwork and strengthening their friendships! Plus get a FREE Exclusive Golden Mickey Medal. Everyone is a WINNER!

If your child loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this DVD will be a hit! Even better is the sports theme provided to get your children moving! We’re always hearing children have too much “screen time” – but I’d say let that slide with this DVD, as they’ll be up and moving around – exercise is always a win!

The only thing that got to me is the cliche phrasing “everybody wins” used on the back cover of the DVD. If everyone wins, then why is there only one golden medal provided inside the DVD case? If you have more than one child, be prepared for a potential fight to occur. Honestly, we can’t teach kids that everyone is a winner. You win some, you lose some. That’s life. Ultimately, I think this DVD …read more

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