295 Days ’til Beauty & the Beast!

By Heidi

Belle has been a favorite princess of mine for a long time. After all, she loves books! And, she’s a champion for the underdog. Two qualities that I can totally relate to. In other words, I feel as if she’s a kindred spirit. So, when I heard that Beauty & the Beast was the next movie that Disney was making into a live-action film, I was really excited.

Then, I heard that they were casting Emma Watson as Belle. Hermione Granger! You know, Hermione and Belle have a love of books in common as well. And, I’m told that Ms. Watson herself is also a bookworm. It seems like a perfect fit!

The other day, when the teaser trailer for the upcoming movie was released, I got tears in my eyes! I mean, just watch:

Are you as excited as I am? I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll be doing for my 47th birthday! (That is, of course, if I can wait 3 days – I may have to celebrate on the 17th – my official due date anyway – because I don’t know that …read more

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