Animal Kingdom – After Dark

By Tabitha

Want to know more about the Rivers of Light Theater and the Jungle Book Show? Find out what Laurie thinks after she saw the show this past weekend.

Rivers of Light Theater was meant to be used like at World of Color without stages and parked barges. Disney had 6 weeks to make a show from the water up. They have many old routines and shows to rely on but this was including water screens and Asian performances. The screens have improved and they are tweaking everything to optimize guest experiences.

I loved the show with sitars, drums, and India’s style of music. There were flaws in seeing the show based on location. The stage or an actor may block the view or the angle may make a screen hard to see. Mist from the water screens heads downwind so be prepared to get wet if you are in that area.

ENTERTAINMENT!!! It has awesome musicians and performers. I recommend the show for at least one time. I will see it again. It helps to know the storyline either from the new movie or the cartoon version.
Sunset in the summer is around 8 or 9 pm. This leaves 3 hours for the …read more

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