Let’s Call a Spade a Spade

By Heidi

So this morning, I was just scrolling through Facebook when I got stopped up by this:

Are you even kidding me right now?

This man’s son walked into a nightclub in central Florida the other night (and I’m not even adding the word “gay” to the front of it because, seriously, it doesn’t matter who was inside – people are people); and he went in there with the intent purpose to kill! And he succeeded, by killing 49 people (and injuring a bunch more). And it’s the nightclub’s fault?!

I’ve got news for Mr. Mateen . . . there is no one at fault here but his son!

And I’ve got news for all parents out there . . . no child is perfect. And you know why? Because no adult is perfect. And, therefore, no parent is perfect. We’re all just sinners. We make mistakes. Heaven knows that I do. I’ve made lots of mistakes in my parenting journey. But, it’s my prayer that – since my children are on loan to me from God – that He will cover my mistakes with His grace. It’s my prayer …read more

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