Sweet Temptations Trio

By Heidi My favorite food this week:
Sweet Temptations Trio


Royal Palace, Disney Dream
Pirates IN the Caribbean Night

Heidi Says . . .

Most nights, by dessert time, I was so full I could barely think about dessert. But, since it’s included, you might as well at least try it, right? Well, this was the first night that I was actually tempted by the list of things on the dessert trio. So, I decided to go for it. Brian just got the Berry Cobbler, which he really enjoyed.

I think my favorite thing on the trio was probably the Rum-Soaked Chocolate Cake – maybe because it reminded me of Jack Sparrow too! Who knows?

You know what’s really funny, though? The very night I opt for the BIG dessert is the night that our head server decided to surprise us for our anniversary. So, while we were eating dessert, he brought out this:

Isn’t that beautiful?! And that “Happy Anniversary” note on the top . . . that’s edible too!

Have you ever been on a sugar high?
Yep, me too!

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