6 Simple Ways for Families to Save Money

By Heidi

As a busy family, it can be difficult to save money when there are so many mandatory bills. It’s summertime, and money is harder to hang on to when the kids are home from school and ready to find fun activities to do. Here are some of the best ways to save money as a family.

Become an Expert at Couponing

It’s possible to substantially lower your grocery bill by spending a few hours a week on couponing. This might be a challenge at first, but there are couponing groups on Facebook that can help you get started. Couponing does require time, but spending as little as 20 minutes per day finding deals has the potential to shave hundreds off your grocery bill each month.

Shop Around for Rewards Cards

We’ve all heard about the dangers of using credit cards like cash. However, sometimes it makes sense to use a credit card that has a great cash back or rewards program. For example, some credit cards offer points or cash back on groceries or entertainment. Look around for cards that will best suit your lifestyle, and make sure that you can pay them off each month. Choosing the right card can help you boost …read more

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