Anyone Can Cook Apple Strudel

By Heidi My favorite food this week:
Apple Strudel


Anyone Can Cook Class
Disney Dream

Heidi Says . . .

It was our Sea Day on the Disney Dream. Brian and I were just wandering around the ship, taking it all in on our last day on board. It was a bittersweet day. The truth is, we were just starting to get used to cruising; so the thought of it ending the next morning made us a bit sad.

We happened upon a cooking class, and they were going to be preparing Apple Strudel. Sounded like fun to me, though I’m sure Brian thought it was a crazy idea. But, he went with me!

The chef who taught the class was the head pastry chef on the Dream. He’s an Italian with a very strong accent, so we had to really tune in and listen carefully until we got used to his accent. I was fascinated by his stories and his skills!

Do you see what looks like a cloth on that table? That is actually the pastry dough! He was able to spread it out so thin – with his hands! In fact, he …read more

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