Breaded & Deep Fried Brie

By Heidi My favorite food this week: Breaded & Deep Fried Brie


Royal Palace, Disney Dream

Heidi Says . . .

I have to admit something . . . I’m not a fan of brie. A former boss of mine used to rant and rave about this cheese. I tried it and thought it was bland. But, when the words “breaded and deep fried” were before it on the menu, and it said that it came with “orange and cranberry chutney” it sounded like it might be worth a try.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat this, but it was a decent appetizer. Similar in taste and texture to a mozzarella stick, it was interesting dipped in the chutney.

The other appetizers didn’t really sound too appealing, so this was the best option. I’d probably even select it again!

I should add here that Brian got the same appetizer. However, I had noticed that there was Escargot on the menu and jokingly told him that he should step out of his box and try something new. Our server, Ranzil, told me that he wouldn’t allow me to try it because of my allergy, but he brought some …read more

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