Rainbow Rules Leggings Review

By Amy

Early this Spring, I was perusing Etsy (for a change) and stumbled upon the most amazing vendor, Rainbow Rules. Ladies, you’re going to want to pay attention to this one! Rainbow Rules sells leggings and dresses with full color prints. And, among these amazing leggings and dresses are an amazing variety of Disney patterns. And, not just a simple pattern. I’m talking full color leggings with the entire map of the Magic Kingdom, or a dress with the Haunted Mansion wallpaper. They are too great to pass up!

I got in touch with Julia from Rainbow Rules who was kind enough to send me a pair of leggings. I, of course, chose the Haunted Mansion wallpaper leggings. They are perfect for Disney and for Halloween! Since Julia is overseas it did take a few weeks for my leggings to arrive, but they arrived with plenty of time to spare before my Disney Cruise. In person, they are really just as bright and wonderful as in her Etsy shop. They are soft and comfortable. My goal was the wear them for exercise, but Mini Golf is as close to working out as I got on our cruise.

Here I am playing mini-golf …read more

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