4 Things I Learned About Gin

By Heidi

Up until this past weekend, I’ve never had gin. I’ve never had a martini or a gin and tonic. Honestly, I had no idea what gin tasted like or what it was used for. But, I was asked to participate in a special promotion for Smiley360; and, despite the fact that I told them I was alcohol illiterate, I was chosen to try Beefeater Gin and share my thoughts on it.

Some Things I’ve Learned About Gin
#1. Here in PA, you need to buy gin in a “state store”

There’s a place on the Beefeater website where you can find out where to buy Beefeater Gin. However, because we live in PA and have pretty strict liquor laws, PA’s locations were not available. I called our local beer distributor to see if they carried it; they pointed me in the direction of the Wine & Spirits shop. Who knew there was a difference? Honestly, beyond wine coolers (purchased at the beer distributor) and wine (purchased at local wineries), I don’t buy alcohol (well, except for that one time we bought a 6-pack of beer to use for beer bread – because, quite frankly, that stuff tastes a …read more

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