Magical Blogorail: Frozen Fruit Snacks

By Mike Ellis

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Teal loop. Today we are sharing the best frozen treats you can find at Disney.

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Magical Blogorail: Frozen Fruit Snacks

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail post, were we explore some of the incredibly delicious frozen fruit snacks that can help you stay cool in the summer heat at Disney!

Picture this, if you please. You are at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, it’s 100 degrees in the shade, the humidity is easily 80%, and you are looking for anything to help cool you down. Can you feel the heat, the sticky humidity, is it driving you crazy right now just imagining it? Well, one thing your family doesn’t do very often is go to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, simply because it’s kind of out of the way, but you decide to go because you’ve heard that it has air conditioning, and there is a train to ride, after all, and fans, etc. So imagine a day as hot as that, and as you are approaching the Conservation Station, you see a small snack cart selling the Minute Maid Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. 12 ounces of frozen deliciousness, only $4 at the time (a snack credit …read more

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