O-Zell Soda Company Product Review

By Sarah

It’s summer time here in Orlando, and like John from the Carousel of Progress, all I want to do is grab a cold sarsaparilla to keep cool. I recently learned about O-Zell Soda Company, which produces root beer and several other kinds of sodas — all with Disney inspiration — making their sodas the perfect way to stay cool in the summer heat.

O-Zell Soda Company has a long connection to Walt Disney and his family. Back when Walt was just a kid, his father invested in O-Zell Soda Company and Walt even worked at the factory. Sadly, the company folded back in the 1920s, but thanks to some intrepid folks working to preserve the Walt Disney Birthplace, O-Zell Soda is back.

I recently heard about O-Zell Soda Company and reached out to them to learn more about their project restoring Walt Disney’s birthplace and the sodas themselves. I was excited to learn that all of their sodas (currently they have four flavors: Root Beer Float; Vanilla Dream; Cherries Jubilee; Pineapple Whip) are gluten free and vegan. And, they are made pretty much the same way they were back when Walt and his dad were involved with the company.

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