Rider Swap

By Amanda Rider SwapRider Swap is a very cool feature that many don’t know about at the Walt Disney World Resort. What is Rider Swap? Let’s say you are traveling with 2 small children. You arrive at Splash Mountain and your youngest doesn’t meet the height requirement…or is simply not ready to ride due to a fear. This is where Rider Swap comes in!
1) Check with the Cast Member at the ENTRANCE if Rider Swap is available (see below for a list of attractions)
2) Your party will be issued Rider Swap passes for the adult who is going to stay behind with the younger child.
3) Parent #1 will enjoy the attraction with the child who is capable of/wants to ride, while Parent #2 stays behind. Parent #1 and child will go through the regular queue at the posted wait time or Fastpass+ queue if you have reservations.
4) Once the first party has finished, Parent #2 can now enjoy the attraction (again with the child who is capable of /wants to ride…lucky kid!) with little to no wait! Remember that Parent #2 only gets TWO passes to return; one for themselves and one for …read more

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