Onion Soup Gratinee

By Heidi My favorite food this week: Onion Soup Gratinee


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Heidi Says . . .

I have a little story to tell you about onion soup and me . . .

I’ve always been fascinated by the thought of onion soup. I had a friend who used to rant and rave about it. So, I tried it once and really liked it. Then, back in 2013, we were having a family Christmas trip to Walt Disney World. We spent our last of 8 park days at Epcot, finishing up our day with dinner at Le Chefs de France. Ashley and I each order the 3 course dinner and got the French Onion Soup and the Macaroni & Cheese. Gracie was sick (running a fever, etc.) before we even got to supper; but the rest of us felt fine. After supper, we just felt like we had Cheese Overload. Both of us said it would be a long time before we had onion soup again.

The next day, I was sick as well – and, by the time we got home, we were all sick. So, in hindsight, I know it had …read more

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