Top 5 Tips for Visiting SeaWorld with Special Dietary Needs

By Sarah

This past year, I got my first annual pass to SeaWorld Orlando, and I’ve been learning a lot on how they handle special dietary needs. With a partnership with FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), SeaWorld Orlando is doing a lot to ensure that guests enjoy a safe visit when dining at SeaWorld Orlando restaurants.

Photo Copyright SeaWorld Orlando

Here’s some of my top tips when planning & visiting SeaWorld Orlando with special dietary needs.

1. Check out SeaWorld Orlando’s Allergen Information Resources Page

Before your SeaWorld Orlando visit, you can check out SeaWorld’s allergen information resources page, which contains info about visiting with special dietary needs, allergen cards, specialty food allergy products, FAQ and more. You can also email SeaWorld Orlando directly with questions that you might have about your upcoming visit and special dietary needs.

For a list of gluten free friendly options, check out the reference sheet from SeaWorld Orlando:

Gluten Free Options at SeaWorld Orlando

2. Look for reviews and blogs before your visit

Reading reviews and blog posts about visiting SeaWorld Orlando with special dietary needs before your trip can be really helpful. You can learn more about specific restaurant offerings along with tips and tricks that you …read more

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