Your #DisneyMemory of Wishes

By Mike Ellis

Image ©Rolling with the Magic

Hello, and welcome today’s #DisneyMemory segment! The focus today is on a special fireworks show that many people know and love — Wishes! Like roller coasters, when I was a kid, I was terrified of fireworks. For me mostly, it was a sensory issue involving the loud noises and the way I would tense up in anticipation of those booms. So for many years, I would not watch fireworks, either at Walt Disney World or anywhere. Then one year, my wife suggested that my daughter and I get ear plugs, and that was the start of a love affair of Wishes. I don’t know why I didn’t think of getting them sooner — I guess I just figured I would never bother with seeing fireworks — but I’m glad that my wife had the great idea to do that. I’ve since found out that you can also get ear plugs at Guest Services for free, so that’s a great thing also. Now, fireworks don’t seem so bad anymore, and I enjoy them a great deal.

My favorite #DisneyMemory from Wishes is from our trip in 2012. …read more

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