Teachers & Parents, Get Ready for Pete’s Dragon

By Heidi

Once again, the homeschool mom in me is excited to prepare for the upcoming Pete’s Dragon movie by using these Pete’s Dragon Educational Activities to get Ian excited for the film!

The Goals of the Pete’s Dragon Activity Packet:
To increase families’ understanding of the value of imaginative play
To extend the viewing experience of Pete’s Dragon and inspire imaginative play outdoors
To connect kids with the magic of nature to inspire hope for the planet and a desire to protect the environment

This is a full-color activity packet that includes some great activity ideas, such as building your own dragon’s lair and reading a book and sharing about it through a fill-in-the-blank book report.

I’m excited to use these ideas over the next few weeks! If you use any of them, I’d love to hear about your experiences and what your kids thought of the activities.

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