Tower of Terror – a #DisneyMemory

By Heidi

My #DisneyMemory of Tower of Terror was a long time coming!

The first time we visited Walt Disney World as a family was in 1999. At the time, we were a family of 3. Ashley was 5 and way too scared to ride the Tower of Terror. And, I have to admit, I was disappointed. I know, I know – the whole parent swap thing – but we didn’t want to ride alone. We figured, by our next visit, she’d be old enough (and want) to ride.

Our next visit, as a family of 4, took place in 2005. Gracie was 4 and Ashley was 11. I thought SURE she would want to ride. But, if not, we had a backup plan . . . my parents were along for this trip. But, they decided they only wanted to go to three parks and Hollywood Studios was the park they decided to skip. Figures, right? So, once again, we were left unable to ride the Tower of Terror. And, by this point, I was more than disappointed – I kinda resented my kids. LOL

Finally, in 2009, we visited again. This …read more

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