EPCOT For Toddlers

By Amanda
Around here we talk about EPCOT a lot. While I hope that I have changed the perception of the park for some of my clients, it’s still a popular topic. People feel it’s too boring or adult centered and they don’t want to “waste” their time. I’m going to share a bit more about why we love EPCOT (and often spend more than one day there)!

Let’s talk about my TOP 5 reasons to head to EPCOT!!

EPCOT is very HANDS on! There is a ton of stuff for the little one’s to get into. Innoventions are the the two big ones when it comes to this. These two large buildings house a ton of interactive shows and attractions. Everything in these buildings allow the kids to touch and play…kind of like a fun interactive kids museum. The newest exhibit, Colortopia, was fun for all of us and my daughter couldn’t wait to go back and explore color all over again (it’s like being put in a GIANT paint can!)!

Other fun things you can experience in Innoventions are:
StormStruck (feel like you are IN a Hurricane)…child swap is available if you think your kids might be scaredCharacter Spot (meet Baymax …read more

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