Mommy and Me Trip Recap (Part 1)

By Amanda Mommy and Me Trip Recap (Part 1)We are back from our first annual, ever Mommy and Me trip! I needed to digest this trip for a few days before writing this post. We had a lot of great moments…and a lot of moments that made me realize why everyone thought I was crazy for bringing them. Let’s start at the beginning though!
For this trip it was just myself, and my 2 girls. Kennedy is now 4 and a half and Finley just turned 19 months. Our plan was to visit Walt Disney World for 3 nights with 2 full park days. This trip was a TOTAL surprise for Kennedy also!
ArrivalWe opted to fly and use Disney’s Magical Express. I’m usually not a fan of this service but as I was traveling alone with 2 kids I couldn’t handle more than just them and their stroller. This option was the best one so we didn’t have to deal with car seats. We arrived to the airport, parked and were inside in record time…and fairly painlessly…that’s where things started to go wrong. Let’s just say 2 toddlers in a busy airport, WAITING…is never a good idea. …read more

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