Pokemon Go – important

By Tabitha

By Laurie.

Pokemon Go is based on GPS which may use outdated info. Poke Spots and Poke Gyms are assigned to churches, landmarks, and businesses usually. In time these locations may close, disappear, become unsafe, or change use. These locations can be swamps, burnt out buildings, meth labs, gang houses, or other criminal based activities. There could be guard dogs, gun toting lunatics, or sexual predators at the location. Lures are used to attract Pokemon for half an hour. Some can be attached to Pokemon Spots and others to the game character so that people gather in one location hoping for a rare Pokemon. A search on Google will find Poke Spots like the Neon Zebra that is an adult bar and my favorite, Shipwreck: the Alkimos that is a long swim if you dare to try to visit. Sadly graveyards, 9/11 memorials, and other places of remembrance are now playgrounds for Pokemon players. There is no way to easily add spots like the Salvation Army or removing unsafe sites or graveyards. The system needs to change so that players do bother people.

No Trespassing
Treat the game like a real life treasure hunt. Don’t go onto people’s lawns to catch a Golbat …read more

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