Disney Cruise Line FAQ

By Amanda For many guests, Disney Cruise Line is their first experience with cruising!! We had some first time cruisers compile questions for us so we can share with you!

Q.How do you decide which night to go to an adult only fancy dinner? I’m afraid we’d miss a fun dinner- like Animator’s Palate!

A. We usually check Personal Navigators from past cruises to get an idea of what each night has to offer. You can also call Disney (or have your travel agent do it) to find out what night select activities are (like Pirate night, or select ports). You can also request specific dining rotations!

Q.Speaking of Animator’s Palate- is it different on each ship? We were a bit disappointed on the Dream- as the wait staff did not change colors, like I’d seen on TV! (But talking to Crush was cool!!!)

A.It is different on each ship! The older ships have a different style and theme but not the new technology. The newer ships were built with a different technology but they each offer something fun and unique!
Q.I’ve heard about the “adult only” portions of the ship/island. What kind of activities can we look forward to in these areas?

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