Quick Service Dining Plan Pro’s and Con’s

By Amanda
Let me start this post off by saying these are merely my opinions and different plans work for different families. Be sure to explore all the plans to see which is a good fit for you! When we were planning our trip we went back and forth between the Quick Service and Plus Dining Plans.

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, we made the decision to opt for the Quick Service Dining plan. As much as we LOVE to eat at Table Service restaurants, this trip would be a bit different for us. Between having a 7 month old we weren’t sure would sit through an hour long dinner each night and parents that had some dietary needs (Plus dining would have far TOO much food, too often), we thought we’d give this a try! Here are the pro’s and con’s we discovered throughout the week….also see below to find out if we’d purchase this again.

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