Why I Vacation Without My Kids

By Amanda
It’s no secret around here that my kids do not always accompany me on vacation and today I want to share a little more about that.

Let me preface all of this with saying that I don’t ALWAYS vacation without my kids. I mean look at those sweet faces! We love spending time together as a family and going places that everyone will enjoy. There are times and reasons however, that I feel the need to head out the door and leave those sweet faces behind. I will also that I realize the following reasons apply to my family and obviously aren’t hard and fast reasons for EVERY family.

1.Working TripsI think for us this is a big one. In fact we try to make this a yearly occurance. Sometimes I need to getaway…whether it be on a Disney Cruise or to Walt Disney World, to do research. I need to cram a lot of things in a few days and do things that benefit my clients when I come back home. For these trips it’s best the little’s stay at home.

2. Non-Kid Friendly DestinationsOur favorite vacation, hands down, was our trip to Alaska. We went before we …read more

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