Maelstrom – a #DisneyMemory

By Heidi

My #DisneyMemory of Maelstrom

I remember the first time I rode Maelstrom. I was 19 years old and visiting Walt Disney World for the second time. I was with my family, but took my best friend along and we were hanging out, just the two of us in Epcot. So much of that ride sticks in my head – the larger than life polar bears, the angry trolls, the way it seems like you’re going to go over a cliff (and catch a glimpse of the outside world), the Vikings, the oil rig, and finally the calm village in which you disembark.

I loved that it was a bit more “thrilling” the the calm, casual boat ride in Mexico. And I loved that it was so well-themed.

It was a definite must-do on every trip after that time. Each of my kids have ridden this ride (though Ian will likely have very little – if any – memory of it).

Enter Frozen

I have to admit that, when I first heard that Disney was closing Maelstrom to replace it with a Frozen attraction, I was upset (like 99% of the population!)

But, trying to be optimistic and knowing Disney like I do, I …read more

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