Mickey Monthly, Disney Subscription Box Review

By Amy

I can hardly contain my excitement over my latest Disney find, Mickey Monthly and I’m just as excited to share this fantastic, fun service. We have all seen monthly subscription services that offer wine, fruit or other goodies sent to your home monthly. Mickey Monthly sends a wonderful selection of Disney products directly to your home through their subscription service. That is a subscription meant for me! I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement when I read the descriptions of what they offer. Mickey Monthly offers three different styles of subscription boxes.

The Original Mickey Monthly boxes feature licensed Disney products with two different size boxes, Classic or Magic, to choose from for your subscription. You can narrow down your selection with a box geared towards boys, girls or adults. Prices currently range from $19-$39 per month. These are considered value boxes as you get 130% of what you pay for the product. We could not wait for our first box to arrive. If you know the anticipation of waiting for a Disney trip, this gave us a similar sense of anticipation checking the mail every day. Here are the goodies we got in our …read more

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