Put a Little Sparkle in Your Day with Deer Park

By Heidi

Deer Park® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water

Deer Park® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water contains only 3 ingredients:

spring water
natural fruit essence

It contains NO sugar or calories!

And if that’s not enough, it’s fun!

Trying this new #sparklingwater from @deerparkwtr – I don’t usually like watermelon flavor, but this is pretty good! And lucky for me, my kids don’t like it! #score #justformom #allmine #idonthavetoshare @mysmiley360 #simpleingredients #zerocalories #ad

A photo posted by Heidi Strawser (@heidi.strawser) on Aug 14, 2016 at 6:24pm PDT

When I can find something that my kids don’t like but I do, I consider that a WIN! This Deer Park Sparkling Water was just that. I think the “sparkles” threw my kids off – they weren’t expecting that carbonated feeling in their mouth. When I realized that I’d get all 12 bottles to myself, I was feeling pretty fine!

Our local store only had 2 flavors available – Lemon and Watermelon Lime. I bought a pack of each.

2 6-packs for $6 = 50 cents/bottle. I was taking the #7DaysofSparking challenge, so I literally drank all 12 bottles in a week!

As I stated on Instagram (above) at the start …read more

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