Part of Their World

By Amanda During our upcoming Mommy/Nana/Kiddo trip to Walt Disney World, we went through our usual process of picking a resort. We started value, since it’s just a 3 day trip and we are on a budget. I let my daughter look through the value resorts as we discussed the “next” trip we would take…someday. She immediately was drawn to All Star Movies, especially the Toy Story Section. Let’s discuss how we ended up booking Art of Animation and WHY!

It’s always a toss up with us when picking a resort. Our budget is usually pretty modest so we only stay Deluxe on special occasions (Like Girls Getaway Weekend). On the other hand, I’m not a HUGE fan of Value resorts. I don’t like the double beds, the resorts can be crowded (food courts) and loud. When my daughter picked All Star Movies I cringed a little. A moderate would cost us DOUBLE for this short trip (and lack of great discounts). I was torn…what were we to do?

One day I was considering our options (and budget) and it dawned on me that there was one option we hadn’t considered, and that I hadn’t even shown …read more

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