Window on Main Street by Van Arsdale France

By Heidi

It’s been a while since I have reviewed a book by Theme Park Press, but that’s entirely MY fault. Theme Park Press has TONS of new books that I could be reading, but I’ve been so busy this summer and barely had time to read. I wanted to dig out a Disney-themed book to read to gear me up for my upcoming trip, and I chose Window on Main Street because I love stories about the early days of Disney.

About Window on Main Street
Lessons from the Man Who Created Disney University

Van Arsdale France, the founder of Disney University and author of its world-class “cast member” training programs, takes you inside the “berm” for a first-hand look at how Disney makes the magic that keeps its guests coming back for more.

Hired in 1955, several months before Disneyland opened its front gate, Van worked with Walt Disney, C.V. Wood, Dick Nunis (hired as Van’s “gofer” who went on to become the chairman of Walt Disney Attractions), and other notables to create not only the best-trained workforce in America, but also enlightened principles of customer service envied and imitated worldwide.

Van’s many, many stories include:

The construction of Disneyland, as seen from the office …read more

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