Our Disney Home

By Amanda About a year ago we relocated our entire family from Upstate New York to Virginia. We love where we leave and after a year of renting we finally closed on our new-to-us-home. While we have a long way to go updating it to our tastes, we’ve started making it “ours” and of course that means Disney touches!!

As soon as you enter our house you’ll start catch some subtle nods…including an amazing collage of the Disney parks given to us by my best friend Lauren Kennedy..of Lauren Kennedy Photography.

We also have one of my favorite pieces of artwork that we picked up at the Grand Floridian, the Wedding Pavilion where we were married!

If you aren’t paying attention, you’ll miss the next Disney touch lathough kids always find it!)!

After that we tossed subtly out the window!! Our mantle just screams Disney!
The Mickey was a gift from my Brother-In-Law and isn’t available for purchase anywhere. Cogsworth and Lumiere are from Belle’s village in the Magic Kingdom
And we continued the Be Our Guest theme into our dining room.
From Spiffy Decals on Etsy
Next up might be my favorite decal …read more

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