Autograph Books

By Amanda Autograph books are a necessity for our trips. It started a few years ago and every year we find a new version, always on Etsy. I’m so excited to share with you this year’s autograph books!

Meeting characters is one of the highlights of our trips to Disney. Both girls just adore meeting characters. Kennedy has an internal list of everyone she wants to meet during our trips. Our last trip with Finley was almost a year ago and she was moderately interested…I’m hoping this year it goes better!

Every year we scour Etsy for whatever Kennedy’s most recent favorite is. It’s ever changing, week by week. Since this trip is a surprise I needed to find who she might want on her autograph book without her knowing. Our last trip she had Baymax, the year before was Christmas…all surprises. I’ve been using the excuse of NEXT time….for instance, NEXT time we go to Disney what would like.

After she picked Zootopia, I headed straight to Etsy. I found ONE Judy Hopps autograph book but didn’t love it. That’s when I stumbled upon Second Sister Designs!

They had an adorable …read more

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