Should I Take My Baby to Disney?

By Crissy

My husband and I are annual passholders and have been for 6 years. When I first got pregnant, I couldn’t wait to take my little one on his first Disney trip. So at 3 months young, we made the trip to my very favorite place and I’m so happy we did!

Although we were undoubtedly met with comments like “he’s too young” or “he won’t remember it anyway,” we were prepared and ready to take him.

Here’s why you should take your little one (when you’re ready):

Rides and Attractions: You can take your baby on the majority of the rides and attractions at Disney. We met characters, rode rides and explored many indoor areas of the park. If you have your heart set on a ride with a height restriction, let the Cast Member at the front of the attraction know that you’d like to do a rider swap. Rider Swap is where a member of your party waits in line for an attraction and the other member(s) wait with the baby. When the first person is finished riding, the other member(s) of the party can ride without a wait.

All of the firsts: The first picture with Minnie and Mickey, the …read more

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