Top 5 Reasons to Cruise With Little One’s

By Amanda My daughter took her very first Disney Cruise at just 17 months old. We had snagged an unbelievable rate and couldn’t pass it up! We enjoyed 7 full nights on the Disney Magic to the Caribbean! Read along to see the top 5 reasons that it wasn’t the disaster we feared it might be! We discovered that a Disney Cruise was a great vacation for our little family and can’t wait to take her again!

1) Children that are NOT potty trained and/or are still in swim diapers may not use the pools on board. I think this is the biggest deal breaker for most folks. It was for us at first, until we got an amazing price to sail on the Magic. We decided for the price we’d go, have a great time and not worry about the pools. You know what? We had a great time! Our daughter LOVED the splash area and there was lots of other children for her to play with. I will admit the Splash Area on the Fantasy totally blows the one on the Magic out of the water but I think only I would noticed that (not my child).
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