10 tips for Magic Kingdom with Toddlers

By Amanda I think for most, it’s pretty obvious that Magic Kingdom is a toddler friendly park. I think maybe of all the parks this is the most obvious choice. Not only is it what most people think of when you say Walt Disney World BUT it has hands down the most family friendly rides!

Even thought Magic Kingdom is probably the Disney Mecca for your little one’s…it can also be overwhelming for both kids and parents alike! So instead of talking about the obvious rides, let’s talk strategy!
1) Be at the parks early!
Take advantage of Early Extra Magic Hours here if you can! Also remember to be at the park PRIOR to opening and leave yourself plenty of time. Not only do you want to be there and ready when the parks open but they do a really cute opening show with all the characters. The lines are shortest in the morning and you can get a lot done in the first 2 hours.

2) Eat Breakfast in the roomIf you can manage to feed your little ones it will give you more time to see some attractions before making potty/food/snack breaks. This also allows you to hit the …read more

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