Six Years of My Dreams of Disney

By Mike Ellis

Today, my friends, marks the 6th anniversary of the date I started My Dreams of Disney. Throughout the past six years, the site has seen some changes, and of late, posting has been less frequent than it was in the past. However, devoting six years to any blog is, in my eyes, a big deal, and today, I want to spend the anniversary taking some time out to thank those that have been along for the ride and helped me along the way.

1) My Family

This blog would not have been possible at all without the support of my family. You may remember that My Dreams of Disney started as a way for me to document the memories I had of trips to Disney, but when it took a life of it’s own, my wife Cindy and daughter Sophie were there for the ride with me. In fact, Sophie is even one of the author’s on her spare time, and Cindy, well, Cindy is part-time cheerleader, part-time proofreader, part-time content generator, and full-time love of my life! Add to that mix Stephanie and Shane and some of the content they have provided, and it …read more

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