2016 Epcot Food & Wine Festival Gluten Free Offerings

By Sarah

It’s that time of year when Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival takes place. Held on September 14, 2016 through November 14, 2016, this year’s Festival is even longer than it was last year.

Photo Copyright The Disney Company

Here is a preview listing of the current gluten free menu items based on information from the Disney Food Blog and AllEars.net. I will be going in person on September 14th to get the Marketplace Passport, visits marketplace booths, and will be updating this list ASAP. My hope is this list will increase with gluten free options, as it looks very sparse compared to the 23 dishes listed as gluten free on the 2015’s Markeplace Passport.

*Note: Menus are subject to change, as is any information regarding ingredients, cross-contamination, and other special dietary needs ingredients. Always consult with the Disney culinary team for more information before consuming. Use caution when consuming any food from marketplace booths, as there is an increased risk of cross-contamination. Marketplace booths do not adhere to Disney’s traditional special dietary needs accommodations, particularly for allergies and/or celiac disease.


Berbere-style beef tenderloin tips with onions, jalapeños, tomato, and pap – Gluten Free


Grilled sweet and spicy bush berry shrimp …read more

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