Abeka Academy 5th Grade – Bible

By Heidi

Back in the spring, I shared about A New Direction for our Homeschool this year. We had decided to enroll Ian in Abeka Academy for fifth grade. At the time, I hadn’t yet used the program or had any personal experience with it. Now, however, he has about 6 weeks of school under his belt and I’ve decided to take some time to share about the program and each individual subject. I’ll start with the subject that he begins school with each day . . .


When our curriculum package arrived in the mail, it included a LOT of books – all the textbooks that Ian would need for fifth grade, along with all the teachers resources (text and quiz books, teacher keys, the video instruction manual, and a book to keep track of grades, etc.), and the DVD’s for the entire fifth grade school year (90 of them, to be exact, in 3 separate cases). When I say it was a LOT, I mean it! Honestly, when I saw all the curriculum, I felt like we got a really good deal – and I was feeling very affirmed in our decision to go this route …read more

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