Expectations of Disney

By Amanda Lately I see more and more negative posts around the internet regarding Disney…or more like what Disney is doing wrong. There are two problems I see with this…

1) Many people seem to think Disney owes them something

2) It’s hard for first time visitors to sift through what is the occasional rant or something they should genuinely be aware of.

Let me address the first point. Are we entitled to expect certain things of Disney? Of course! We have expectations in mind, many of which Disney has set us up for. We expect to enter the park, on a perfectly sunny day, not to hot or cold and definitely no rain. Mickey will run up and embrace our children and we will immediately get in line for our favorite ride with no wait. Oh and we’ll also have our favorite dinner…all of which happens spontaneously.
More realistic…the crowds waiting to have their bags checked before even getting to the entrance of Animal Kingdom

Ok in all seriousness, there are certain things most of us expect from Disney. We expect it to be clean, we expect amazing guest service, and our children to have a magical time seeing and …read more

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