45 Years of the Magic Kingdom!

By Mike Ellis

October 1, 1971. 45 years ago today. A day that will live in the memories of all #Disney fans everywhere. It was on this day that the Magic Kingdom, the first park in the so called “Florida Project” that we know of as Walt Disney World, opened to the general public. On this day, I was a lad of just 3 years old, and had no idea of the significance of this day at the time. In fact, it wasn’t until eight years later that I would make that first trip to Walt Disney World, when my grandparents took me, my sister, and my Mom in 1979. Looking back over the many years, I realize that the truly incredible memories I have of this incredible place have helped to shape my life moving forward. Memories such as the time that Cinderella sent Sophie an enormous chocolate chip cookie just because. That memory helped fashion the dreams of a wonderfully innocent 6 year old, memories that she remembers to this day.

Other memories of this incredible place include the time that Cindy and I were on the Monorail, the year we

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