By Heidi

Heidi Says …

Having recently lost a baby due to a tubal pregnancy, that loss was still fresh in my mind when we decided to adopt. All I knew was that I couldn’t suffer another loss. I had heard one too many horror stories of domestic adoptions that had gone wrong, children that had been returned to birth parents, etc. and I wasn’t willing to risk a situation like that for us. I knew that, with a foreign adoption, the process was completed in-country; so I definitely wanted to go that direction.

Because my brothers were the inspiration for our adoption, we originally thought that we, too, would adopt from Korea. However, after checking out the agency that my parents had used years before, we realized that they didn’t service the county that we lived in. I did some research and found out that there really wasn’t a high demand for Korean adoptions at the time. So, we really weren’t sure what to do; we just knew that we wanted an ASIAN child, since my brothers were Asian.

When we found an agency that we were comfortable working with, we started out in their China program. One day, I got a call from …read more

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