How to Choose an Adoption Agency

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

Once it was decided that we were going to adopt, it was time to choose an adoption agency. But, where do you even begin? We did have the internet in 1999, and I did some online research trying to find an agency. But, it’s very difficult to choose when you’ve never heard of an agency before and you have no way of knowing if they are reputable or not. It was a necessity to me that the agency be a Christian agency, but I needed to feel comfortable with them and know they were an agency we could trust.

In the fall of that year, my best friend Sue and I had a booth at the local fair. We saw a lady walking by with a little Asian girl in a stroller. My friend elbowed me and encouraged me to talk to her. I’m not overly outgoing, and I know that some people are funny about bringing attention to their adoption, so I felt a little uneasy. But, I got up the nerve to approach her and ask about her daughter. Thankfully, she was a very approachable and sweet; and, in hindsight, I think she was …read more

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