Finally … an Adoption Referral

By Heidi Heidi Says …

When we decided to adopt, we knew we wanted a baby (as opposed to an older child). We had to fill out a questionnaire, checking off any medical conditions that would be acceptable to us. We did not select gender because I thought we should leave that up to God, just like when you give birth to a child!

We were placed on a waiting list. I knew that the couple ahead of us on the list was waiting for TWO girls, as were many of the others above them on the list. So, honestly, I expected that, when we received our referral, it would be for a boy.

In August of 2000, I received the call that we had been waiting for! And we were quite surprised to hear that we were being offered a GIRL! I thought it would be fun to include the “scratch” paper that I used to write notes on while the social worker was explaining everything to me.

She was only about 6 weeks old at the time of referral. As you can see, we would be receiving an overnight package that would include a picture of this baby girl. We would …read more

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