How Long Does Adoption Take?

By Heidi

Heidi Says …

Sometimes I almost feel guilty answering this question. Our adoptions – the entire process of each one – went really smoothly.

We started the adoption process in February of 2000. I felt like we waited so long to get our referral. I remember when the people who were waiting in front of us got their referral; it was so exciting because I knew that we’d be next. A week later, I got the call. That was in August. We left home for Vietnam in October and got home in November. I’ve often compared the length of waiting time to a pregnancy. Gracie was only 4 months old when we were united with her. Such a sweet, tiny little thing.

When we adopted the second time, we started the process in April. It seemed to take forever ’til we finally got a referral picture, but we ended up traveling after Thanksgiving that year and getting home a week before Christmas. Ian was almost 8 months old when we got him. He was born in April, right around the time that we started the process to adopt again. That process only took 7 months.

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