Adoption … Worth the Emotional Roller Coaster

By Heidi Heidi Says …

Comparing adoption to a roller-coaster is an analogy I’ve heard many, many times. There’s a good reason for that — it’s true! The process of adopting a child (whether internationally, domestically, or through the foster care system) is filled with so many ups and downs that you begin to wonder where you are on the “coaster of life” at times.

There are the “downs” such as gathering all that paperwork, preparing for the home study, waiting for the referral, and the even longer (or so it seems) wait to travel.

The “ups” come when you decide which country to adopt from, receive your referral and pictures of your child, and travel to finally meet them.

Of course, a mother waiting for a birth child to be born goes through similar ups and downs, brought on by hormones. So, the process really isn’t all that different, and the end result is the same – a baby (or child) is added to your family and your heart is full.

I know I’ve said this before, but once you hold that child in your arms, all the stress, the tears, the impatience, the wondering, the waiting, the frustration, the worrying . . . it …read more

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