Explaining Adoption to Children

By Heidi Heidi Says …
Can I ask a counter-question? How do you explain a pregnancy and upcoming birth to your child(ren)?

The premise is basically the same . . . you’re bringing a new baby into your family. Your child will become the big sister or brother.

We have always been very open with our children about life situations. We have tried not to shelter them from things like death and funerals. So, when Ashley was 6 and we were in the process of adopting, she was right there with us every step of the way.

It has been my experience that children don’t even really notice differing races. But, because Ashley grew up having two Korean-born uncles, she was used to that look being a part of our family and didn’t know any differently. So, I didn’t think anything of bringing home a Vietnamese baby and having her think any differently of her new sibling, as far as looks were concerned.

Once we had received our referral and she knew she was getting a baby sister, her one request was that she have “her baby” here for her 7th birthday. And, her wish came true as we got home with Gracie just …read more

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